Indeed, these are not interesting times for former president Muhammadu Buhari and his household.

The former president who retired to his home in Daura, Katsina state after an uneventful eight years in office is said not to be enjoying the best of times. A family source who spoke to Cross Fire said, “”this is not the kind of lonely life in retirement that the ex-president envisaged for himself””.

The source of Buhari”s loneliness is the cold unofficial divorce served on him by the former first lady, Aisha Buhari.

The former first lady, Aisha is said to have abandoned the old man in Daura, preferring to live her life shuttling between Dubai in United Arab Emirates and London in United Kingdom.

Recently, a family friend caught up with the former first lady in London. According to the friend who spoke on condition of anonymity, “”Aisha is very bitter with the ex-president and feels no remorse for abandoning him in Daura .”

The former first lady reportedly spew out expletives against her husband whom she boldly referred to as ex.

Aisha is said to be angry with the former president because of his “pretentious, deceitful and vindictive nature.” She recalled all the indignities meted on her in Aso rock by the cabal led by the former president”s cousin, Mamman Daura and nephew, Tunde Sabiu. A situation which forced her to play little or no role in the second tenure of Buhari”s presidency as she lived mostly abroad.

She reportedly told our source that those who wanted Buhari to get married to one of his former ministers are free now and at liberty to execute their plans. But she sarcastically added that such will not be possible as Buhari is no longer a cash cow to them

The former president is said to be living with a few of his former aides. The peck of office gone and as Aisha noted , “”let him experience the loneliness of life if that would make him value family.

Meanwhile, Cross Fire learned that apart from the deliberate choice by Aisha to stay away from the ex-president, her health challenges is another reason for her decision to live abroad.

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