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Oshiomhole’s Tragic Outing On Arise TV Programme ( Part 1) By Erasmus Ikh

THE disgraced former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Adams Oshiomhole from the party’s pinnacle is showily, shallowly and arrogantly pervasive as usual. Oshiomhole has been haphazardly analysing, yet exposing his illiteracy over the fuel subsidy gambit which he earlier called fraud during APC presidential campaigns, between 2014/2019 while the PDP was in power. 

On Arise Television Live Programme yesterday anchored by Dr. Reuben Abati and Mr Rufai Oseni, Mr Oshiomhole was caught in outright revisionism, brazen falsification of facts and figures while he was burying his head in shame like the orstrich. When reminded that he once called the retention of fuel subsidy in the national annual budget as scam, Oshiomhole retorted thus: “Nigerians are only interesting in the available of Petroleum products”. I will get back to that shortly.

In another breath, in a similar interview, Oshiomhole referred to Mr Peter Obi of Labour Party, as a rolling stone who had moved from the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), to the (PDP) and now to Labour Party (LP). Of a truth, half education or illiteracy does collateral damage to civil society and the humanity on equal proportion. 

On the fuel subsidy removal, the diminutive demented dictator, whom I referred to in my book as Triple D, would not relent at disgracing and deranging himself even when the facts are before Nigerian electorates that the monumental destruction APC visited on the country would take a visionary leader over a 100 years to fix. 

While Oshiomhole was dubiously externallising the energy woes in Nigeria, distancing the APC administration from it, I expected Rufai and Abati to remind him of his party’s promises to build one refinery each year of their administration. While Oshiomhole was juggling up primitive economy indices while a thousand Naira almost now exchanges for a Dollar, I expected the Arise Television anchors to point out the facts to him where APC promised to equalise the Naira with the Dollar. 

While Oshiomhole was speaking tongue in cheek on the escalation of spiking fuel pump price, it was painful that Oshiomhole was allowed to escaped without being reminded how the APC promised to reduce petrol price to N89 per litre. The reason is clear: when pocket tyrants like Oshiomhole are given civil political space to desecrate, falsify facts and figures, create semblance of economic growth, his evil cousins with mental stagnation will continue to take the people for a ride. 

Oshiomhole’s abusive tirades on Mr Peter Obi on his movement to Labour Party is truly a self devastating blow to himself. This is where history is important. In 2006, Oshiomhole approached the late Chief Tony Anenih and got himself registered as member of the the People’s Democratic Party in his quest to govern Edo State. When Oshiomhole saw that his ambition wouldn’t be realised in the PDP, he approached Chief John Odigie Oyegun, a former governor of Edo state to give him shelter in the then All Nigeria People’s party, ANPP. But one of the biggest financier of the party in the state, Matthew Uroghide would have none of that. He was driven out of the party by Uroghide and his supporters before he could even settle down. It was then Oshiomhole ran to Labour Party and secured the ticket to prosecute his gubernatorial ambition. 

At the twilight of 2006, sensing that he could not muster the resources to execute his campaigns under Labour Party, he moved again to the Action Congress (AC) and strike alliance with Chief Lucky Igbinedion and Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, who created The Grace Group to punish the late Chief Tony Anenih of the PDP fame for what they alleged, ‘his dictatorial heavy handedness’.

Know this fact that when Oshiomhole screams blue murder on how Obaseki betrayed him, he should be reminded that he is the author and finisher of betraying instinct. Oshiomhole’s on records to have betrayed and chastised Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, the revered Esama of Benin Kingdom, his son who rolled out the financial war chest for Oshiomhole to become the Governor of Edo State, Chief Lucky Igbinedion and his protege, Pastor Ize-Iyamu whom he also betrayed in 2016 by supporting Governor Godwin Obaseki against him.

The fact before us is that there’s no individual in the Fourth Republic that is as shady and unreliable, sly and serpentine as Oshiomhole. Even now, Oshiomhole may clown his way to the Senate seat, in spite of the ruins the APC has done to the collective existence of Nigeria. 

Truthfully speaking, Oshiomhole’s an anathema and an aberration to good governance and human solidarity. Even though he vaguely subscribes to egalitarianism of the progressives Labour Party principles, he sacked sixt thousand eight hundred and thirty three casual workers he hired in his first term in office, the moment he was elected into office for his second term. What a callous action!

Tragically, Oshiomhole’s a comic delight, even though Nigerians will snigger at his amateur, drunken theatrics of shame and falsehood, we have our eyes on the ball. Oshiomhole’s is banking on the free stolen money by his party, single-minded dictatorship, and the virtue controls of the nation’s oil wealth. But Nigerians are ardent at stopping him and the evil voyage from afflicting the nation again for the third time. 

Truly,  Oshiomhole is a bad political book that must be burnt down by the Nigerian electorates, come 2023. 

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