As the American civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr noted, “”a person who constantly calls attention to his trials and suffering is in danger of developing a matyr  complex, and of making others feel that he is consciously seeking sympathy.””

Capt Hosa Okunbo does not seek to be anybody”s matyr , neither does he solicit the sympathy of any to the unwarranted barrage of attacks from agents of Edo state government who daily villify him over his political choice in the September 19 governorship election coming up in Edo state.

However, it would be untenable and morally indefensible to keep quiet in the face of unbridled attacks, bordering on outright lies, vexatious innuendos and cheap propaganda. We know that the Goebbelian trait of telling lies over and over again to become truth is the mannerisms of these faceless propagandists. Hence, we wish to unequivocally deny the wild and specious allegations made by one Frank Agbons Idehen, that is if there is anyone that goes by that name. Idehen”s open letter is being circulated on the social media space by hack agents of the concerned authorities who are working hard to pull down Capt Hosa.

Any discerning mind could see through the clever by half measures employed by the author of the thrash information. The author has no known address, telephone number or contact. In his spurious allegations he deliberately ignored and refused to include the surname of those he mentioned. This is because he knows that they don’t exist, just a figment of his own imagination.

The author dated his letter 23rd June, 2020 and waited till 25th July,2020 to circulate it on social media. Apparently in his hurry to tell abominable lies he forgot that we are already in July 2020.

Of a truth, Capt Hosa does not have a cousin who bears the name, Frank Agbons Idehen. Perhaps, he is a cousin who Capt Hosa does not know. How then could he had worked for Capt Hosa?

The matter of over 25years ago with the NDLEA has been properly dealt with by a court of competent jurisdiction and needs no further reharsh. Also, the matter was investigated by some of Nigeria”s best investigative journalists, and Capt Hosa came out unblemished.

For the record, Capt Hosa never lived or had a house in olowu street in Lagos. It was his palatial mansion in Ikeja that culminated in the petition written by unknown persons who wanted a stage managed trial of Capt Hosa.

Truly, as a man from a very humble background, Capt Hosa is grateful to God for where he is today. Therefore, his life is dedicated to the uplift of the living conditions of the poor, weak and vulnerable in Edo state and Nigeria generally. Of course, such philanthropic activities and his wide acceptance by the people of Edo state is generating envy from certain quarters. But God chooses whom to bless and when.

The public is hereby encouraged to disregard and ignore faceless write ups without verifiable address and contact as the handiwork of mischief makers.

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