The Reason Behind Exportation of Electricity To Benin, Niger and Togo – FG

Federal Government has explained the reason behind the exportation of electricity to neighbouring countries like; Niger, Benin and Togo.
According to statement from the presidency made available to Crossfire, “it was because of the bilateral agreement to export electricity to Niger, Benin and Togo so that the three countries will not build dams on River Niger.
The presidency also said that the total indebtedness of Niger to Nigeria is USD four million adding that the actual cost of electricity generated within 2018-2019 by all the electricity generation companies in Nigeria was about N1.2 trillion (S4 billion).
The statement was in sharp reaction to the report in if the national dailies that Nigeria exports USD81.4 billion electricity on credit in the midst of continuous power outage in the country.

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